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Recent Publications

Modeling high-frequency volatility with three-state FIGARCH models

Author/editor: Shi, Y, Ho, K
Publication year: 2015

Fractionally Integrated Generalized Autoregressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity (FIGARCH) models have enjoyed considerable popularity over the past decade because of their ability to capture the features of volatility clustering and long-memory persistence. However, in the presence of... » read more

Long memory and regime switching: A simulation study on the Markov Regime-Switching ARFIMA model

Author/editor: Shi, Y, Ho, K
Publication year: 2015

Recent research argues that if the cause of confusion between long memory and regime switching were properly controlled for, they could be effectively distinguished. Motivated by this idea, our study aims to distinguish between them of financial series. We firstly model long memory and regime... » read more

Stigmatizing attitudes and beliefs toward bulimia nervosa: The importance of knowledge and eating disorder symptoms

Author/editor: Rodgers, R, Paxton, S, McLean, S, Massey, R, Mond, J M, Hay, P, Rodgers, B
Publication year: 2015

Widely held stigmatizing attitudes and beliefs toward bulimic eating disorders may lead to self-blame and reduced treatment seeking. Knowledge and familiarity with mental disorders may help decrease associated stigma. However, these relationships are not well understood in bulimia nervosa (BN).... » read more

When physicians report having used medical drugs to deliberately end a patient's life: Findings of the 'End-of-life in France' Survey

Author/editor: Riou, F, Régis, A, Pontone, S, Pennec, S
Publication year: 2015


The debate on the decriminalization of active assistance in dying is still a topical issue in many countries where it is regarded as homicide. Despite the prohibition, some physicians say they have used drugs to intentionally end a patient's life.


To... » read more

Frameworks for guiding the development and improvement of population statistics in the United Kingdom

Author/editor: Raymer, J, Rees, P, Blake, A
Publication year: 2015

The article presents central frameworks for guiding the development and improvement of population statistics. A shared understanding between producers and users of statistics is needed with regard to the concepts, data, processes, and outputs produced. In the United Kingdom, population estimates... » read more

Analysing and projecting Indigenous migration in Australia. Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy

Author/editor: Raymer J, Biddle N and Campbell P
Publication year: 2015

In this paper, a model is developed to project interregional migration flows for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) populations in Australia at the state and territory level by age and sex. Migration flow data, obtained from the three most recent Australian quinary censuses (... » read more

Physician-assisted deaths in France: Results from a nationwide survey

Author/editor: Pennec, S, Riou, F, Gaymu, J, Pontone, S, Aubry, R
Publication year: 2015

» read more

A record linkage study of antidepressant medication use and weight change in Australian adults

Author/editor: Paige, E, Korda R, Kemp-Casey, A, Rodgers, B, Dobbins, T, Banks, E
Publication year: 2015


Antidepressant use is widespread. While weight gain is a commonly reported side-effect of antidepressant use and has the potential to affect population health, there is little large-scale population-based evidence on the issue, particularly for long-term use (⩾12 months... » read more

Identification change and its effect on projections of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population in Australia

Author/editor: O'Donnell, J & Raymer, J
Publication year: 2015

Since the 1971 Census, the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) population has grown faster than predicted by births, deaths and migration. An important and likely source of this unexplained growth is identification change, where a person changes how they identify or are... » read more

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