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Recent Publications

Fundamentals of Demographic Analysis: Concepts, Measures and Methods

Author/editor: Carmichael, G.
Publication year: 2016

This book is the ultimate product of my efforts to make demographic analysis more accessible to students with limited quantitative backgrounds, without being too pedestrian for those with greater mathematical aptitude. This book is intended to be an introductory text, leaving ample scope for... » read more

Closing a sociodemographic chapter of Chinese history

Author/editor: Zhao, Z
Publication year: 2015

At its recent Fifth Plenary Session held in Beijing, the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to abolish the one-child policy and allow all couples to have two children, thus closing an important chapter of China's social and demographic history. Recent... » read more

Bayesian population forecasting: Extending the Lee-Carter Method

Author/editor: Wiśniowski, A, Smith, P, Bijak, J, Raymer, J, Forster, J
Publication year: 2015

In this article, we develop a fully integrated and dynamic Bayesian approach to forecast populations by age and sex. The approach embeds the Lee-Carter type models for forecasting the age patterns, with associated measures of uncertainty, of fertility, mortality, immigration, and emigration... » read more

Explaining the fertility puzzle in Sri Lanka

Author/editor: Wijesekere, G, Arunachalam, D
Publication year: 2015

Fertility transition in Sri Lanka began in the mid-1960s and the declining trend continued over the decades. The Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) of 2000 showed the total fertility rate (TFR) reaching 1.9 births per woman, a level below replacement fertility. The next DHS of 2006/7 showed a... » read more

Retirement, age, gender and mental health: Findings from the 45 and Up Study

Author/editor: Vo, K, Forder, P, Tavener, M, Rodgers, B, Banks, E, Bauman, A, Byles, J
Publication year: 2015


To examine the relationships of retirement and reasons for retirement with psychological distress in men and women at the age of 45–79 years.


Data from 202,584 Australians participating in the large-scale 45 and Up Study was used. Psychological... » read more

Comment on the 2015 report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Child Support Program

Author/editor: Vnuk, M, Smyth, B & Archer, T
Publication year: 2015

» read more

Obesity and psychosocial impairment: Mediating roles of health status, weight/shape concerns and binge eating in a community sample of women and men

Author/editor: van Zutven, K, Mond, J, Latner, J and Rodgers, B
Publication year: 2015


We examined the relative importance of physical health status, weight/shape concerns and binge eating as mediators of the association between obesity and psychosocial impairment in a community sample of women and men.


Self-report measures of eating... » read more

Self-rated health of older persons in Indonesia: Sex and ethnic differences

Author/editor: hristiawati, S, Booth, H, Hull, T and Utomo, I
Publication year: 2015

This study contributes to expanding the knowledge of the health of older persons living in Indonesia, a country with limited welfare benefits. The research employs a variable, ‘self-rated health’ (SRH), to investigate socio-cultural factors linked to the health of older Indonesians.... » read more

The Australian child support reforms: A critical evaluation

Author/editor: Smyth, B, Rodgers, B, Son, V, Vnuk, M
Publication year: 2015

The Australian Child Support Scheme aims to ensure that children continue to be supported financially should their parents separate or never live together. Sweeping changes to the Australian Child Support Scheme were introduced between 2006 and 2008, featuring a dramatically different system for... » read more

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