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Forty Percent of the World

Author/editor: Guilmoto, C, Jones, G
Publication year: 2016

This chapter provides a comparative picture of demographic change in China, India and Indonesia in a broader perspective and focuses on some of the major linkages and singularities across the three countries. It starts with a first section devoted to the state of demographic knowledge and... » read more

Contemporary Demographic Transformations in China, India and Indonesia

Author/editor: Guilmoto, C, Jones, G
Publication year: 2016

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Preventive effects on birth outcomes: Buffering impact of maternal stress, depression, and anxiety

Author/editor: Feinberg, M, Jones, D, Roettger, M, Hostetler, M, Sakuma, K, Paul, I, Ehrenthal, D
Publication year: 2016


Although maternal stress, anxiety, and depression have been linked to negative birth outcomes, few studies have investigated preventive interventions targeting maternal mental health as a means of reducing such problems. This randomized controlled study examines whether Family... » read more

Gender, mental health, physical health and retirement: A prospective study of 21,608 Australians aged 55-69 years

Author/editor: Byles, J, Vo, K, Forder, P, Banks, E, Thomas, L, Rodgers, B, Bauman, A
Publication year: 2016


We examined retirement transitions by gender, and different associations between retirement, physical function and mental health.


Data for 21,608 participants aged 55–69 from the 45 and Up Study were used. Generalised estimating equations were used... » read more

Epidemiological transition in Australia - the last hundred years

Author/editor: Booth, H, Tickle, L, Zhao, J
Publication year: 2016

Mortality change in Australia since 1907 is analysed in the light of Epidemiologic Transition theory. Trends in life expectancy by sex and the sex difference, are examined at ages 0, 50, 65 and 85 years. Trends in mortality by major cause of death are broadly related to the stages of the... » read more

The evolving demographic and health transition in four low- and middle-income countries: Evidence from four sites in the INDEPTH Network of Longitudinal Health and Demographic Surveillance Systems

Author/editor: A Bawah, B Houle et al
Publication year: 2016

This paper contributes evidence documenting the continued decline in all-cause mortality and changes in the cause of death distribution over time in four developing country populations in Africa and Asia. We present levels and trends in age-specific mortality (all-cause and cause-specific) from... » read more

Migration from new-accession countries and duration expectancy in the EU-15: 2002–2008

Author/editor: J DeWaard, JT Ha, J Raymer, A Wisniowski
Publication year: 2016

European Union (EU) enlargements in 2004 and 2007 were accompanied by increased migration from new-accession to established-member (EU-15) countries. The impacts of these flows depend, in part, on the amount of time that persons from the former countries live in the latter over the life course.... » read more

Needs-based social security for persons with disabilities: International experience and application in China

Author/editor: L Zhang
Publication year: 2016

The article reviewed the successful experience of the concept, means, main subjects of responsibility, execution and legal protectionof social security for persons with disabilities (PWDs) in developed countries, and explored the idea, plight, challenges and institutional dilemmas of China... » read more

Path design of supportive environment improvement for sexual and reproductive health of unmarried migrant youths in China

Author/editor: L Zhang et al
Publication year: 2016

This paper analyzed the main risks of unmarried migrant youths’sexual and reproductive
health; and the role of the supportive environment in the three - stage - service utilization
of“demand wake up”,“service utilization”and“service evaluation... » read more

Son preference as a new twist in China’s low fertility

Author/editor: Quanbao Jiang, Ying Li and Jesus J Sanchez-Barricarte
Publication year: 2016

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