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Recent Publications

Do asylum seekers and refugees choose destination countries? Evidence from large-scale surveys in Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Author/editor: McAuliffe, M, Jayasuriya, D
Publication year: 2016

Some literature depicts refugees as more passive than active when selecting a destination country. We draw on surveys of over 35,000 people in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia, to show that most potential asylum seekers and refugees of Hazara, Rohingya, Muslim and Tamil... » read more

Impact of socioeconomic and risk factors on cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes in Australia: Comparison of results from longitudinal and cross-sectional designs

Author/editor: Li, J, Kinfu, Y
Publication year: 2016


Existing large-scale studies do not take into account comorbidity or control for selection and endogeneity biases. This study addresses these shortcomings.


We use information on individuals aged between 35 and 70 years from a nationally representative... » read more

Previous induced abortion among young women seeking abortion-related care in Kenya: a cross-sectional analysis

Author/editor: Kabiru, C, Ushie, B, Mutua, M, Izugbara, C
Publication year: 2016

Unsafe abortion is a leading cause of death among young women aged 10–24 years in sub-Saharan Africa. Although having multiple induced abortions may exacerbate the risk for poor health outcomes, there has been minimal research on young women in this region who have... » read more

Migration, Ethnicity, and the Education Gradient in the Jakarta Mega Urban Region: A Spatial Analysis

Author/editor: Jones, G W, Rangkuti, H, Utomo, A, McDonald, P
Publication year: 2016

The Jakarta mega-urban region (MUR) is one of the largest such regions in the world. In this article, we revisit Castles’s seminal 1967 article, based on the 1961 Population Census of Indonesia, on the educational and ethnic composition of Jakarta. Using data from the full-count 2010... » read more

Education in Indonesia: Trends, differentials, and implications for development

Author/editor: Jones, G, Pratomo, D
Publication year: 2016

This chapter focuses on trends in educational attainment in Indonesia over the past two decades, with a particular emphasis on regional and socio-economic differentials. The different possible sources of data for such analysis are first discussed, and trends in educational enrollment and... » read more

Migration and Urbanization in China, India and Indonesia: an Overview

Author/editor: Jones, G
Publication year: 2016

The massive movement of people in these huge Asian countries is leading to important transformations of their regional demographic balance as well as of the age structure of populations in the regions. The net movement is primarily from poorer to wealthier regions, and particularly to the... » read more

Ageing in China, India and Indonesia: an Overview

Author/editor: Jones, G
Publication year: 2016

Population ageing is proceeding inexorably in China, India and Indonesia, though at varying pace. The elderly’s share of total population is increasing more rapidly in China than in India or Indonesia. Between 2015 and 2030, the proportion of the population aged 65 and over is projected to... » read more

Indonesia's fertility levels, trends and determinants: Dilemmas of analysis

Author/editor: Hull, T
Publication year: 2016

The 1971 Indonesian Population Census revealed that the total fertility rate was high and economic analysis showed that large family sizes constituted a heavy burden on both individual households and the national economy. The technocratic team charged with improving the economy under a New Order... » read more

Social patterns and differentials in the fertility transition in the context of HIV/AIDS: Evidence from population surveillance, rural South Africa, 1993 - 2013

Author/editor: Houle, B, Pantazis, A, Kabudula, C, Tollman, S, Clark, S
Publication year: 2016


Literature is limited on the effects of high prevalence HIV on fertility in the absence of treatment, and the effects of the introduction of sustained access to antiretroviral therapy (ART) on fertility. We summarize fertility patterns in rural northeast South Africa over 21... » read more

Let's talk about sex, maybe: Interviewers, respondents, and sexual behavior reporting in rural South Africa

Author/editor: Houle, B, Angotti, N, Clark, S, Williams, J, Gómez-Olivé, X, Menken, J, Kabudula, C, Klipstein-Grobusch, K, Tollman, S
Publication year: 2016

Researchers are often skeptical of sexual behavior surveys: Respondents may lie or forget details of their intimate lives, and interviewers may exercise authority in how they capture responses. We use data from a 2010–2011 cross-sectional sexual behavior survey in rural South Africa to... » read more

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