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Recent Publications

Integrated modelling of age and sex patterns of European migration

Author/editor: Wisniowski, A, Forster J, Smith, P, Bijak, J and Raymer, J
Publication year: 2016

Age and sex patterns of migration are essential for understanding drivers of population change and heterogeneity of migrant groups. We develop a hierarchical Bayesian model to estimate such patterns for international migration in the European Union and European Free Trade Association from 2002... » read more

Structural and functional social network attributes moderate the association of self-rated health with mental health in midlife and older adults

Author/editor: Windsor, TD, Rioseco P, Fiori, K, Curtis, R, Booth, H
Publication year: 2016

Social relationships are multifaceted, and different social network components can operate via different processes to influence well-being. This study examined associations of social network structure and relationship quality (positive and negative social exchanges) with mental health in midlife... » read more

International migration under the microscope: Fragmented research and limited data must be addressed

Author/editor: Willekens, F, Massey, D, Raymer, J, Beauchemin, C
Publication year: 2016

Although humanitarian crises, such as the ongoing mass exodus from Syria toward Europe, tend to focus global attention on migration, each year millions of people migrate to and from affected countries throughout the world. Progress has been made in understanding drivers of migration, and we have... » read more

Shared-time parenting: Evaluating the evidence of risks and benefits to children

Author/editor: Smyth, B, McIntosh, J, Emery, R, Higgs, S
Publication year: 2016

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Migration in Europe

Author/editor: Raymer, J
Publication year: 2016

Europe is a diverse and unique area of the world. Arguably, nowhere else is there such a varied set of populations and migration patterns. Countries in Eastern Europe are facing population decline from very low and sustained fertility levels and net emigration, while many populations in Western... » read more

Tracking couples who leave the study location in historical studies of fertility: an Australian example

Author/editor: Moyle, H
Publication year: 2016

The paper describes the methods used to create a database to study the fall of fertility in Tasmania, a colony of Australia, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The database was initially created from digitised Tasmanian vital registration data using techniques of family... » read more

The effect of maternal and child early life factors on grade repetition among HIV exposed and unexposed children in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Author/editor: Mitchell, J, Rochat, T, Houle, B, Stein, A, Newell, M, Bland, R
Publication year: 2016

Receiving an education is essential for children living in poverty to fulfil their potential. Success in the early years of schooling is important as children who repeat grade one are particularly at risk for future dropout. We examined early life factors associated with grade repetition through... » read more

Identifying Persuasive Public Health Messages to Change Community Knowledge and Attitudes About Bulimia Nervosa

Author/editor: McLean, S, Paxton, S, Massey, R, Hay, P, Mond, J M, Rodgers, B
Publication year: 2016

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Do asylum seekers and refugees choose destination countries? Evidence from large-scale surveys in Australia, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Author/editor: McAuliffe, M, Jayasuriya, D
Publication year: 2016

Some literature depicts refugees as more passive than active when selecting a destination country. We draw on surveys of over 35,000 people in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia, to show that most potential asylum seekers and refugees of Hazara, Rohingya, Muslim and Tamil... » read more

Impact of socioeconomic and risk factors on cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes in Australia: Comparison of results from longitudinal and cross-sectional designs

Author/editor: Li, J, Kinfu, Y
Publication year: 2016


Existing large-scale studies do not take into account comorbidity or control for selection and endogeneity biases. This study addresses these shortcomings.


We use information on individuals aged between 35 and 70 years from a nationally representative... » read more

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